You'll Be Surprised by the Amount of Comfort Built into This Hunting Cabin

You'll Be Surprised by the Amount of Comfort Built into This Hunting Cabin

This Xtreme Hunter Cabin is the perfect log cabin plan for all your hunting and fishing adventures. This log cabin has a pitch roof and two wide lofts with moveable ladders. The log cabin is available in four sizes from 552 square feet to 700 square feet. The log cabin can be delivered and reassembled to just past the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula area. This Xtreme log cabin can also be delivered Nationwide, partially assembled, and then the log home company's experienced crew will reassemble the gables, the ridge beam, and rafters. They will also do all the other log cabin details from the windows and trim, loft windows and trim, caulk, vapor barrier and 40 years painted the tiny roof. All this in just one day!

The Xtreme hunter log cabin is a great little cabin with a porch on the gable end, an additional three rows of D log wall added to the loft area, which gives 6 1/2 feet of height clearance in the center of the lofts. All the log cabins are custom built in their Genuine Amish shop. You can also choose to add a porch, lofts, kitchenette, bathroom, walls, more windows, and rough electric. You can talk to the log home company's trained consultants to find a log cabin that will fit your lifestyle and needs. This log cabin is fully loaded with deluxe aromatic logs from Eastern Red Cedar for the interior trim, including the rafters, tie beams and window sills, a Danish oiled interior, the main floor of the log cabin is stained and clear coated. On the exterior stain, NBS-30 insect repellant is applied to the last coat of Sikkens Ceto. There is also an all season enclosed screened in porch that has deluxe corner butt and pass detail. You can only have the wood stove pipe install in shingled roofs.

There is nothing quite like a log cabin build to make you feel comfortable and at home. Log cabins and log homes have been around for centuries and are as popular today as they were back then. Log homes and log cabins have come a long way of designs and styles you will find, but you will still see traditional styles of log home builds all around. Typically logs for log homes and log cabins come from coniferous trees, as they are known for being tall and straight, which is the best type of logs for log homes. In warmer climates decision trees were typically used to build more of the timber-framed style of homes.

The Amish have a long tradition and history of log home building. Some things you might not know about log cabin builds. Log cabins have something that is called thermal mass. Thermal mass has to do with how a log home can store and hold heat, just like stone or metal. This is a feature that along with the natural insulating ability of wood is what makes log homes so energy efficient. This gets better when the size of the log increases. Thermal Mass allows a log to absorb heat during the hottest part of the day and then return it back to the house during the night when it is cooler, without transferring it through the log wall. A log wall's thermal mass makes it extremely energy-efficient. If you've been reading about log cabins and log homes you may have heard about the butt-and-pass corner style. This log cabin technique is centuries old. What this means is that the pass log in the log home build continues beyond the fixed corner and the adjoining log butts into it.

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