You May Regret Not Having a Peek inside This Gorgeous Log Home

You May Regret Not Having a Peek inside This Gorgeous Log Home

Log homes and cabins are definitely some of the most beautiful structures when it comes to residential architecture. Check out this Montana Log Home, and you may be able to see why these structures are so amazing, when you have a look at this beautiful one from Montana Log Homes company. Log homes are nothing new, that is one thing that is for sure, but, the styles have grown and changed, along with their size. The log homes built these days are far larger in comparison to those that were built when settlers were first building them in the 1800s and 1900s. Many of the older homes from that era, were just built on a stone foundation, or no foundation at all! The people never would use any protectants or sealants on their homes back then, but they were just as strong and durable, and you still see some standing 100 years later. This shows us the amazing durability of log homes and cabins to be life long homes to pass on to generations as a legacy and monument.

The designs for log home and cabin kits that Montana Log Homes has, are all really quite amazing. They are very unique and have their modern touches, but are very traditional as well. Plus, they have such a wide variety of homes to choose from, that almost everyone could find something they liked. There are large homes, that can fit a very big family, or there are smaller log homes for the smaller families or just couples. This particular log home from Montana Log Homes, is classified as the MLH 028 log home and it would be an awesome home for a single person or a couple, or even a smaller family to live in, or to use as a recreational property for summers or winters. The home itself is 1548 square feet, and it has 1 bedroom, and 2 bathrooms, which are all on the main floor of the home, along with the great room and the kitchen. There is also a loft area which would be perfect for guests as well as for an office or studio space. This would be a great home for retirees, who maybe don't want a ton of space, but still would like to live in a decently sized home.

The design of the MLH 028, is stunning, the gorgeous, cathedral ceilings and peaked roof, allows the space for windows that are up higher, to allow more sun into the house. The large windows would always be so great to have, since they would provide the space with so much light. The exposed beams are really stunning and add so much character to the place. The particular home in the photos shows that you can decorate and outfit these cabins to be quite traditional looking. This one has a beautiful, old stove and oven in the kitchen, which really makes it look like a log home from the past.

There is also a great, large deck on the front of the home, which would make for an awesome spot to relax out in nature, while still being in the comfort of your own home. This home would stay warmer in the winter better than any wood framed and drywalled house as well. Logs are known for their resiliency, and strength, and the structures built with them always seem to out last the buildings that are built in a more conventional, and cheap way. The thermal mass of a log home is so much greater than that of a regular, dry wall home too. This means that the logs help to keep the heat in and the moisture and cold air out. Log home kits are a beautiful way to build any dream home.

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