You May Be Surprised How Many People This Tiny Home Accommodates

You May Be Surprised How Many People This Tiny Home Accommodates

A house or a space for shelter is often judged by its size. Most people would base the functionality and efficiency of a house in the amount of space that it has. Should we really just go for houses that are big to fit all our needs, despite the fact that there are other means to make a small space work? If you still think that large spaces are the only answer to getting a good rest at night, then maybe this 130-square-foot modular Nomadic Shelter will make you change your mind.

This space was intended for the several-year-long SALT festival in northern Norway. It started in August 2014 and its still ongoing. It is where people could enjoy and be exposed to different amazing art projects, performances in music and acting, and even get to dig in some scrumptious food prepared by the locals. There are quite a number of people from across the globe attending this event and this tiny space serves as one of the few shelters in the area that they could stay in. The shocking feature of this house is that it can accommodate 12 people inside!

It was built using 13 boxes with a couple of different sizes (7.9 x 4 x 2.6 ft and 10.5 x 4 x 2.6 ft) and they are stacked on top of one another while bolts and straps were used to secure them. The entire space is about 15 feet high that comes with a central area, where a fire was placed to warm guests. The fire is a little bit of a concern of some people, but so far hasnt caused any accidents and the guests need it because of the winter weather that Norway has.

You wont find floors in this house by the way. And if you are still curious about its structure, visit the website Inhabitat for more details.

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