You May Be Surprised How Affordable this Little Log Cabin Is

You May Be Surprised How Affordable this Little Log Cabin Is

Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend your leisure time relaxing on the gorgeous and spacious outdoor porch of this incredible log cabin package- Frontier 14'-7 by 27'? All that patio space is perfect for winding down a busy summer day with family and friends, and would be able to fit the whole family comfortably while still being protected by the building's overhang. Complete with a spacious and private single bedroom, large dining area and room for kitchenette, and finally a full bathroom to boot, this incredible approximately 400 square foot pioneer style log cabin is any log cabin lover's dream come true. The name "Pioneer" does an excellent job of describing the feel of this home, as it seems like something from days gone by when pioneers explored the rugged unknown. With fully insulated windows and doors, a durable metal roof and all the modern conveniences you could ask for, it has all the best aspects of being modern as well.

When I was growing up, my family had a log cabin summer vacation retreat on the French River, Ontario that we would go to every summer to swim in and enjoy the spectacularly refreshing river water. I loved the activities that a log cabin on the water allowed for such as kayaking, canoeing, and camping along the river, while still enjoying a great outdoor view and patio space for chairs facing the water. I remember listening to our tiny portable radio, the only technology we had in our log cabin home, while I was exercising on the patio and relishing the clean fresh air that I was breathing deep into my lungs. One of the best parts of going to stay in a log cabin each summer for me was enjoying the rustic outdoor feel that only comes when you are staying in a true log cabin home surrounded by the great outdoors. Something about log cabins still to this day brings me back to my childhood on the French River, and makes me yearn for those glorious days gone by relaxing and enjoying the outdoor world with my family and friends on the lovely French River.

See this amazing log cabin package-Frontier 14'7 by 27' for yourself! Please click the link below to the Conestoga Log Cabin and Homes website now for a detailed floor plan, details and more on this and other incredible log cabin packages.

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