You Don't Need a Mansion to Be Happy as Long as You Live in a Log House

You Don't Need a Mansion to Be Happy as Long as You Live in a Log House

Log homes and log cabins have always been a favorite choice of build, and this Xtreme Cottage is an excellent choice if you find yourself in need of a log cabin. This log cabin is 600 square feet, with 336 square feet on the main floor, and an additional 264 square feet in the upstairs loft. This log cabin is a custom log cabin Amish build that can be built in the shop, delivered and reassembled on your prepared log cabin site in just one day. With the company's highly experienced Mennonite delivery crew. This style of log cabin is available in different lengths to have more space.

Trophy Amish log cabins is a small family owned business, that is located in South East, Michigan. These log home builders are constantly improving themselves; they use high-quality materials, craftsmanship and exceptional customer service to set themselves apart from the rest. All of the Trophy Amish log cabins are custom designed to suit every individual client's needs and preferences. The log cabins are built in a small Authentic Genuine Amish Shop, with a generator and phone shared at the easement. They have no radio, television, magazines, internet, cameras, fax machine, cell phones, text messaging or unnecessary distractions.

This is a log home company that is passionate about what they do, with quality being something that is very important to them. They don't want to be like everyone else; they are a unique and custom log cabin shop that builds the best Amish log cabins and offer nationwide, turn-key delivery at affordable prices. They offer a wide variety of log cabins, log cottages, log lodges in different sizes, plans and styles to choose from. Whatever your log cabin needs are from a garden shed, hunting log cabin, or log cabin vacation home you are sure to find it on their site.

It's no wonder that log homes, log cabins, and log chalets have been a home build that people have dreamed of owning or building for years. There is just something special about log homes and log cabins that we simply can't resist Maybe it's the fact that they have been around for hundreds of years, with log homes and log cabins found in locations around the world. Typically a log cabin or log home is a home that has been built out of logs. You'll find log homes especially prevalent in more northern climates such as the Baltic States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. This is because these areas have lots of tall and straight coniferous trees, like Cedar, spruce and pine trees to use. In parts of the world that are warmer and deciduous trees are more readily available, you will find more timber framed homes built.

Log cabins and log sheds are still a popular choice among home builders, as they offer a type of home that is both strong and comfortable. Log cabins and log homes have proven through the years be able to withstand plenty of weather conditions from tornados to earthquakes if built properly. They are also a healthy and comfortable home to live in, especially with the fireplace or wood stove going! A log home is a smart choice when it comes to building a home that uses nontoxic building materials. Log homes and log cabins are also a good choice for environmental decisions, as logs are a renewable resource that is readily available. There is just something about a log home or log cabin built with natural materials that we love.

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