You Don't Need a Mansion to Be Happy as Long as You Live in a Log House (Click for Floor Plan)

You Don't Need a Mansion to Be Happy as Long as You Live in a Log House (Click for Floor Plan)

If you love log homes, you will absolutely fall in love with this adorable Woodland log home from Coventry Log Homes. The home is featured on the My Wood Home website. My Wood Home features many different log home floor plans from different log home builders around the world. It makes it so much easier to have many different log homes to look at in one place rather than having to search all over the internet for them. My Wood Home takes all of the very best log home plans from the best log home manufactures like Coventry Log Homes. Coventry Log Homes is a building company out New Hampshire, and is a family owned business that was passed down from a father to his sons when he decided to retire. The well established company offers sixty different log home models for Craftman log home, Log cabins, and timber frame log homes.

If a cozy traditional type of log home is what you're after, The Woodland log home would be the perfect one to start out with. This log home floor plan happens to be the most popular log home model in their Cabin series. This log home model could be used wonderfully as a recreational cabin or as a nice little starter home. This floor plan features two bedrooms and one bathroom just enough space for a small family or a couple. One of the other great features of this log home is the loft included in it. The log home loft is the perfect place to add in some extra beds for guests, or to make into a craft or art room. Some people simply use this space for storage as well. The kitchen is a good size for a smaller home, and can suit everyday use as well as use for entertaining. The kitchen lay out, as well as any other part of the home can always be customized to the home owner's preference of course. The living area is the largest area of the home, and is nicely connected with the kitchen for an open concept flow. All of the windows and doors and lock sets are included in the package, which makes it much easier to build.

The Woodland log home floor plan also has a fabulous patio built onto it, on the front of the home. This outdoor space would make for the perfect haven to relax and enjoy the outdoor vistas from the comfort of your lounge chair. On the website you can see different landscapes that the Woodland log home has been built on. The photos show that one of the models has been built on the side of a little hill which gives some great views from the home. As well as it also being built on flat surrounded by lush grass. You can see that both builds look extremely beautiful no matter what setting they are in. Logs are able to maintain an equalized temperature, even in the most frigid climates. This is because of their built in natural insulation, logs have a very high thermal mass and this is makes them able to hold the residual heat from a fire place or heating unit within the walls they are made into. All of Coventry Log Homes log homes have a very high energy efficiency rating. In fact, all of their log homes will meet Energy Star requirements.

This is also why we see so many log homes in places like Canada and the Northern United States. The log homes are able to easily endure the cold, wet temperatures that these places are constantly faced with and still last decades. Check out this lovely log home and many others on My Wood Homes website and be inspired by the beauty of natural building.

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