You Don't Need a Large House to Be Happy!

You Don't Need a Large House to Be Happy!

The tiny house revolution is upon us, and what a welcome change it is bringing to the housing industry. This Cabin Title 11, is a beautiful example of what it is like to live in one of these amazing beauties, and still have a great sized space to enjoy. Tiny houses are nothing new, but the concept is becoming a major revolution in the way people are thinking about the housing industry in Canada and the United States. Many people are not able to afford a larger house in this kind of economy, and with housing prices at an all time high, people are making different choices about what they can actually afford, and what is practical for them without having to go in over their heads in debt. Tiny houses used to be the norm. People lived in houses that suited the size of family they had and nothing more. Throughout history people have lived in a home that has been within their means, and sometimes that meant a small house, that was just one room with the kitchen, eating space, sleeping space and lounging space, all in one.

It wasn't until the 20th century that common people's homes became larger and larger. In the 50s, the larger house accompanied the American Dream, along with the nuclear family and the cookie cutter "perfect" life. The common vision for people became that of having it all, but sometimes that just wasn't enough for some people. The age of industry kept growing and growing, until there were common people now trying to live in houses that resembled mansions that millionaires lived in. People are still trying to achieve this today, but more and more people are catching on that you cannot live a sustainable life in this way... It is running most people into the ground, working 12 hour days, often 6 days a week, people have become workaholics to maintain this kind of life style that they think they need to be happy.

The truth is, you don't need this kind of large house to be happy, and more people are catching on to that idea. This awesome little cabin in Claire Ln, Point Roberts, Washington, is a perfect example of what it looks like to live a balanced, happy life within your means. The house is actually available to rent through the great Airbnb website, where you can rent out entire homes, rooms and apartments all over the world when you travel. It's like renting a home away from home! This cabin would be a treat to call home for a vacation. Just look how darling it is! I love the cedar shake siding, that really gives it a rustic kind of vibe, and then all of the great windows! The balcony would especially be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy reading a book, or sipping a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine.

The house is small, but it surprisingly has a lot of room in it, when you see the photos. There is a little kitchen area, with pots and pans to use, and even a little table and chairs to be used for dining. Off of the kitchen, is a nice sized bathroom as well. There is a living room area, with a super cozy looking sofa, and a lovely fire place where you can cozy up on those chilly rainy days. The layout is great and offers so much more room than you would expect. The bedroom is in a walk up loft, on the upper level, and has full ceiling height so there is lots of room to walk around up there. This cabin is only $175 per night, which is a great deal considering you get the whole house to yourself!

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