You Don't Have to Be Swimming in Debt Your Whole Life to Afford a Log Cabin

You Don't Have to Be Swimming in Debt Your Whole Life to Afford a Log Cabin

There are hardly any structures superior to those built with logs, and they continue to be a popular choice for people's homes, and for other buildings. Check out this Lincoln Log Cabin title 29, from Taylors Garden Buildings and see a truly beautiful log cabin kit. This cabin kit is intended for residential use and would make a beautiful home for anyone who chose to build it. Made of mild dried white pine, tongue in groove logs, this kit is high quality and easy to assemble, either by you, or a hired crew of contractors. The kit is used to create the shell for the home, and then the owner does the insulation and gets the electric and plumbing outfitted by professionals. The Lincoln also comes with double paned windows and doors, giving the buyer the option of where to put them in the house, which is a nice option.

The cabin has two bedrooms, and one bathroom, with the kitchen and living room area. The main floor is reserved for the kitchen, living room and bathroom and the upper level has the two very good sized bedrooms, which is nice for extra privacy from the main part of the house. As you will see in the photos, the cabin is quite spacious and has a lot of potential. The walls are all the natural wood look, and most of the finishings are pretty rustic. You can always add or substitute the different finishings for the house as you please of course. The cabin is 6 meters by 9 meters, giving ample space for a family or just a couple. The cabin can be also used for recreational purposes too of course, and would be fabulous at a lake, or in tucked away in the forest somewhere.

Coming from the United Kingdom, Taylors Garden Buildings, is open seven days a week to assist you in finding the perfect cabin for you and your family. They ship these cabins for free all over the United Kingdom with only a few exceptions. They have an amazing selection of buildings, and not just cabins either. They sell log kits for sheds, garden structures, summer houses, back yard offices, guest cabins, rental cabins and even more! Taylors Garden Buildings, has a wonderful clientele that extends out to schools, government, television studios, and care homes as well. If there is something they can build custom for a client, they will see to fit that need and have wonderful customer service representatives that are able to help customers with anything that they need.

What a beautiful cabin to build for a family to have as a recreational property or as a full time home. Logs are famously known for their resiliency, and strength. The structures that are built with them always seem to tend to out last conventionally built buildings, made out of cheaper materials like dry wall and wood framing. Also, the thermal mass of a log home is so much greater than that of a regular, dry wall home too, since the logs contain their own insulation and are also water resistant. This means that the logs help to keep the heat in and the moisture and cold air out in the colder months, and then keep the cooler air in during the hotter summer months. Log home kits are a beautiful way to build any dream home and if you are in the United Kingdom, this definitely seems like a wonderful place to order a cabin or any other log structure kit from, with fair prices and helpful and friendly customer service representatives.

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