Wow! The Desert Nomad House - in Arizona!

Wow! The Desert Nomad House - in Arizona!

This is a must see! Wow! The Desert Nomad House - in Arizona! In the vast desert of Arizona, you can find many amazing and unique homes. Just take this compound of steel build tiny homes for example. You might be thinking you would be more likely to stumble upon an old wooden shack or a tiny adobe house out in the desert than these amazing, steel build tiny home structures. These stylish and ultra chic square tiny homes are set up as a compound of three houses that act as separate structures for the different areas of a home. Talk about compartmentalization! But hey, anything goes in the design world, and I think it is quite a bold and interesting design for a home.

These rusty looking boxes might otherwise look like something that had been left to fend for themselves, but in this setting and the way the design was executed, they look very fitting in these surroundings. The clean lines of the tiny house structure's shapes and angles, actually very much suit the starkness of the desert. The cactuses with their rounded shapes and the hills and sand dunes surrounding the houses, actually compliment the home's different look and somehow it all works together to create quite a stunning scene.

The three tiny houses have each their own function. So, the first one is the kitchen and living room tiny house, the second is the bedroom and bathroom tiny house, and the last one is the office tiny house. Each unit has it's own function, making the layout very interesting, like nothing I have every seen before. The front of each of these tiny house units is covered with a glass window pane, making the front wall a huge window. The juxtaposition of the glass mixed with the steel makes for a very modern and industrial feel for the homes and gives them so much artistic quality. Designed by Rick Joy, the Desert Nomad House is as much a beautiful home as it is an artistic masterpiece.

The interior of each house has a common theme in the decor and design. On the walls, light wooden panelling, which also adds to the contemporary feel of the house. The kitchen is super sleek and efficient, using a stainless steel bar countertop to allow for good conversation to flow while entertaining. The dining room table fits perfectly in this tiny house unit, and the rich, warm coloured Persian rugs really soften the room and add some interesting layers of colour and texture. The leather furniture flows with the more industrial decor motif, and the natural wood coffee table adds that element of nature to the room. The view out of the full window is spectacular and invites the outside of the house inside, acting as a work of art all on its own.

The office is very stark, with matching wood paneling to the kitchen and living room unit. The desk is even matched to the blonde wood that is on the walls. Again, the view is incredible from the seat of the desk, and there is plenty of room to spread out and do any work that needs to get done. The bedroom's decor flows with the other two tiny house unit's decor scheme and also has some similar statues that the other two homes have. The amazing window and view outside would make waking up easy, and the full bathroom is only footsteps away from the bed. This modern desert haven was available for $975,000, but it seems to have sold already. It is still quite inspirational to have a look at it and enjoy its innovative design.

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