WOW 2200 SQFT of Log Cabin Country Living for UNDER $50k

WOW 2200 SQFT of Log Cabin Country Living for UNDER $50k

Settling down is one of the goals we have in life. Well, yes. That would include falling in love, getting married and produce beautiful and sweet children. Personally, if I have a stable job with a good salary that is enough to buy a house and support a family then why not? Many people want to have a family of their own. A husband or wife and kids. It is nice to wake up in the morning knowing that you have every reason to wake up. But of course, before you start writing another story for this new chapter of your life, you might want to build a house where you can start and grow a family. Buy a house, perhaps.

Well, this log cabin home in Blue Creek, Ohio is perfect for your new family. A big house made of wood with spacious rooms that can occupy children. Your children. Loads of them, actually. On top of that, there is a beautiful sun deck. A sun deck, ladies and gentlemen! This is ideal especially wonderful if you want to bond with your children and share stories, drink coffee, laugh and cry, comfort each other and have fun. This is also a perfect house for family gatherings too! The home is large enough to host a family party. Aside from that, you would want to place your home in an area surrounded by trees, fresh air and a natural environment that is so cool and refreshing! You don't need to go to faraway places to relax. You just get outside of your house, roam around and feel the fresh air. What more can you ask for?

Choosing a home for your family is important. This house kit could provide the place where you all build your memories together. This house kit for the Fort Miami offers you a 2200 sqft home with an open concept floor plan. Check it out!

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