Would You Trade a Massive Debt for Freedom and Enjoyment in Life?

Would You Trade a Massive Debt for Freedom and Enjoyment in Life?

Could you ever picture yourself living in a tiny home? Have a peek at Wishbone Tiny Homes Latest Builds on their Facebook page! Tiny homes may be small, but they are making a huge impact on people all around the world. The idea behind the tiny home is a concept that has been brought back to life by people who are looking for a simpler, more cost-effective way of living. The notion is spreading like wildfire, and more and more people are jumping on board and building tiny houses of their own, or having them built by a company like Wishbone Tiny Homes company. The company takes pride in custom building designs for people wanting a tiny home. They are a family owned company out of North Connecticut in the United States, specializing in tiny homes and recreational vehicles. They will build homes for recreational use as well as for full-time living situations. They also help out people who are facing housing or economic crisis by partnering with some non-profit organizations in the area, they keep this as a core part of the mission of their company. Teal and Gary Brown are the heart and soul of the company, both having years of building knowledge and expertise.

Wishbone tiny houses are beautifully designed, with so much attention to detail and very well thought out floor plans, which is a very important part of any tiny home build. Most of their models are tiny houses on wheels. Their latest build is incredible! The tiny home build used wood throughout the project, giving it a very natural look with a warm cabin-like glow. The exterior is done with a mix of different wood with the siding being a nice amber coloured wood on the bottom, and then a darker shade of large cedar tiling. The roof is a vibrant red metal roof, which is a nice, affordable option for roofing and great for rain water collection. This particular tiny house appears to be at least 25 to 30 feet long, with a three-wheeled trailer foundation. The maximum length for tiny house builds is 30 feet long, and they can only be 8 feet wide and 13 feet tall from the bottom of the trailer wheel to the top of the roof.

The interior also has a mix of different wood tones, with the amber coloured wood and the darker tone as well, there is also a blonde white coloured wood implemented on the walls, so it shows that you can mix and match wood tones, and it would still look great. This is especially good to know for people who will be obtaining and using a lot of recycled materials in their tiny house build. I love the layout of the plan in the tiny house in the first photos on their Facebook page. They have encased the kitchen area under a set of stairs; that doubles as great storage space. The loft is above the kitchen area and is easily accessible by said staircase. This also makes the trips up and down to the loft much easier than using an old fashioned ladder. It makes you feel like you would have no problem if you had to get up in the middle of the night, rather than to worry about falling off of a skinny ladder. The home also features larger appliances in the kitchen, which is great to see, for any of the people out there wanting to go small, but not wanting to give up their proper kitchen. A living room area takes up the front of the house by the doorway, and utilizes built-in sofa benches as the main seating. What a comfortable and cozy tiny home! Check out more photos on the Wishbone Tiny Home website!

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