Would you Live in a Tiny House?

Would you Live in a Tiny House?

Can you imagine yourself living in a Tiny House? Firstly, just how tiny are we talking about here! A "tiny house is defined as a living space that does not exceed 500 square feet in size; or people that live in a "small house with an area that is under 1000 square feet in size. Tiny homes are becoming popular nowadays, mainly as a result of the financial inability of families and individuals to cope up with the cost of modern conventional housing.

A tiny house can be on wheels or off. Some Pro's of a Tiny home are that you will not have a mortgage to content with. You can save and buy or build a Tiny home with small cash and you will own it. Tiny homes are generally energy self-sufficient and easy to renovate. Which means you will save money on utilities, maintenance and property taxes. Life is de-cluttered and simple, offering you a great peace of mind. Cleaning takes very little time, but you must learn good organizational skills. If your tiny home is on wheels it allows you flexibility to move to any locations and you produce less waste environmentally.

Some Con's of a Tiny home include not having storage space, and the small space gets dirty as quickly as it gets clean. There is no enough room for yoga like stretching on the floor and other stuffs. It is very hard to have pets as it is not good if you don't like small spaces and it is impossible to accommodate lots of guests. It is crowded if you are considering living as a family with children. There are just as many things to consider when you choose to live in a tiny house as when you make other lifestyle choices! The bottom point is, make use of your time deciding what is best!

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