Would you Live in a 314 sq. ft. Tiny Dome Home?

Would you Live in a 314 sq. ft. Tiny Dome Home?

Three hundred and fourteen square feet is certainly not much! Would you live in a 314 square foot tiny dome home like this one? This darling and handy little home is called a Styrodome home, and is quoted that it can be built for around $70 per square foot. This price may vary depending on the area of the world you live and in the costs of materials available there. Each of these kits that are only 314 square feet includes 8 sections that are made of 4 1/2 inches of an expanded poly styrene material as well as window openings.

Each bit of this pre fabricated structure of Styrodome home comes with wire mesh installed and then ready for the plaster to be applied. The electrical and plumbing can be installed like most regular buildings while mini A/C units are recommended for the heating and cooling systems. There are the options also to add more to it and even expand into bigger living conditions and possibly even a basement.

So for a 314 square foot home, this would put you in the ball park of around 20K for this tiny but sweet dream home? Is it worth it? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of tiny home living? Are you the kind of person that see the benefits for the earth and also for your own wallet in the longer term, or are you someone who need a little bit more space in order to breathe?

One of the many reasons and benefits of living in a tiny home is that, smaller homes are more energy efficient. Fewer rooms means less cleaning as well as less home maintenance. Compared to gigantic rooms, tiny homes offers a feeling of coziness and intimacy that larger build homes lack. Since it is small, it is also less expensive to live in and more unique.

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