Would you Like a Cheap Log Cabin?

Would you Like a Cheap Log Cabin?

A cheap log cabin will always require certain bits of knowledge to help this process. First of all, the definition of cheap is always relative, and in many cases it is better to make sure you are spending enough on the right products so that you do not end up high in utility costs in the long run.

The first thing to know about building cheap log cabin is that, if you can just get the log shell and do it all or at least most of the finishing yourself alone; then youll probably save a lot of money. There are actually numerous ideas that you might encounter and read via internet that could give you more clear scheme, but let me give you some important tips below.

A few other important tips are:

1. Forget about too many fancy customizations from the basic log package. The basic log package from most log home companies and builders will generally be the quickest and easiest for them to build.

2. Think about what size you really need and try to go even to a smaller one. Its not really necessary to have a very spacious cabin, but it is still up to you to decide after all. We often overestimate our housing needs when in fact we could have gotten creative. And instead figure out ways to make better use of our kitchen and closets. There are very helpful and inexpensive closet organizers that can make a small closet feel spacious.

3. Ask about different kinds of logs. Some log varieties (like fir) may be more pricey than pine, so it is always best to ask up front.

4. Shop around and get opinions on the best builders around. If you have a local log builder, you will pay far less on shipping costs than if you find someone from another country.