Wood-Made Bathtub

Wood-Made Bathtub

Wooden bathtubs have been around for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. Commonly seen in Japan, the wooden bathtub, called an ofuros, is a perfect way to relax after a long hard day. Here in North America a wooden bathtub is rare. I personally have never seen one.In the 1960's, in California wine country, a wooden bath tub was a little more common. They were outside and without the luxury of running water.

For many decades, North Americans bathed in a copper or zinc tub. One that was lightweight and easily stored away when not in use. Then came the invention and luxury of indoor plumbing. Many homes have tubs made of cast iron, porcelain, acrylic or a composite. Not many homes have a wooden tub.

Perhaps like me when you think of a wooden tub, you picture a round tub with the iron ring holding it together at the top. Something along the lines of a wine barrel cut in half. There are those wooden tubs and then....there is a Stolis wooden tub. These beautifully hand crafted masterpieces are a work of art! They are gorgeous, they are unique and they are deep. Stolis makes the perfect, handcrafted, deep soaking tub. This Austrian based design firm specializes in high-end bathing fixtures, particularly those made of wood! Yes, you read that right. Wood. They make an incredibly gorgeous claw foot style wooden soaking tub! The depth and design of the tub make this a perfect getaway at the end of a long tiring day. Sleek, watertight, boasting the warmth only wood can give. Enjoy a nice glass of wine, lay back, take a long soak and let the cares of the day wash away.

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