Woodland Shell Log Cabin Costs only $37,000 ... Looks Great Inside ... Check out the Floor Plans!

Woodland Shell Log Cabin Costs only $37,000 ... Looks Great Inside ... Check out the Floor Plans!

Each log home and cabin are created uniquely, from the design to the pieces of wood that make them, no two are the exact same. Check out this beautiful Woodland Shell Log Cabin Costs only $37,000 ... Looks Great Inside ... Check out the Floor Plans! This gorgeous and timeless beauty of a cabin is one of Coventry Log Homes beautiful log cabin kits available to purchase. Called the Woodland, this is their most popular cabin and would be the perfect log cabin to build nestled into the woods somewhere nice and quiet, surrounded only by the sounds and beauty of nature. It would just fit in so perfectly don't you think? The front porch is so inviting, and just calls you to it, to sit and enjoy and nice cold beverage on a hot summer afternoon.

The Woodland log cabin has 2 bedrooms and one bathroom with a loft that would make a great extra bedroom or a studio or office space that one could work in. The home is a total of 1,140 square feet, which is a nice size for a couple or a small family. The kitchen and the living room are a nice size as well and would provide plenty of space to live in and enjoy. The kitchen itself is beautiful and has plenty of space. Lovely cabinets line the wall and centre around the sink with a nice window right above it. There would definitely be enough storage space in this kitchen! The living room is also a really great size, and has lots of room for any kind of furniture, large or small, with lots of nice sized windows to allow in natural light.

The bathroom is a great size as well for a smaller log cabin, and has everything you would want and need, there may even be room for a bath tub as well depending on what is needed in the space. The bedrooms show bunk beds to show that it could potentially accommodate quite a few people, which is great if it would be being used for recreational purposes. For many people this would even be enough space for a permanent residence. If you think about it, it would be relative to the size of a town house or large apartment. You can purchase these cabin kits in three different stages, the first includes the logs only and would be $22,450. The other option is for the shell which comes to $37,900 and the last option is for the complete package which includes everything that is needed to build the cabin and costs $45,800. It would be worth it to get the whole package with the roof and everything, because then you are not having to source out different materials and having to measure and cut them all, the company would have them all ready to go for the house of your choice already.

There is also an option to build a garage for this log home, which would be a great place for extra storage and of course to park a vehicle. This cabin could be build in a matter of months or even weeks! You can build it yourself with friends or family or you can hire a contractor to build it for you!

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