Woodcutters Cottage

Woodcutters Cottage

Nestled into the luscious trees and surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature exists the 'Woodcutters Cottage'. The builders of this mobile wooden home decided that they would be best suited to build this on wheels so that if the time ever came they would be able to relocate without too much muss and fuss. The indoor is a simple A frame style with partially peeled logs that accent the roof. There are enough windows so that you feel one with the surroundings, and also a well set up kitchen work area with plenty of wood counter space for preparing your meal without feeling too crammed. The home is small, and built in a way that the living area, dining area, kitchen and bedroom are all in open concept space. This will be no problem for you if you are alone or very compatible with your partner. On the other hand, if you need more space than this, then tiny home options of building with a loft style bedroom might suit your tastes a bit better. There is a small wood stove to keep the place warm which is situated close the sleeping quarters. The fireplace is also built with a flat stove top so that you could warm water here for cooking or bathing.

Outdoors, the owners have decided to building a covered dining space and a charming fire pit for roasting food or simply gathering with loved ones to share a meal, a story or a song. Off the back of the house is a wooden deck with a second table for dining. Since the home is one larger wheels, it is easy to store outdoor items and tupperwares underneath and still have the place feeling neat and put together.

The fence has been created with the surrounded smaller pieces of wood from the area, which is the perfect way to use nature to your advantage.

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