Wonderful Cabin Decks

Wonderful Cabin Decks

Guys, I want you to stare at the photo of this cabin deck. I’ll give you a few moments to organize your thought then tell me what you think. *silence* “Is there a stronger word than ‘exquisite’? That’s how I can describe this cabin deck.” I agree with you, pal! These cabin decks are simply… exquisite. Did you know that these cabin decks also require proper maintenance? The decks would not look like this if it were not maintained. If you have a cabin deck, I will tell you some of the ways to keep it looking great. *winks*

You have to thank James McFadden from Ezine for the ways. *winks* For the first step, of course, you have to clear your deck first. McFadden says, “Don't attempt to work around items such as outdoor furniture or the grill. The first step is to clear the grill of any and all such items from the deck. Keep in mind that they will not be returned for several days.”

The second step is to sweep the deck and clear the cracks. It’s time to unleash your ‘sweeping skills’ and turn your deck into a wonderful one. *winks* You must sweep away those leaves, dirt, and other debris. Do not finish the sweeping without paying attention to the spaces between the boards. “Leaves can sometimes come to rest in the cracks as they decompose. This can eventually rot the boards,” says McFadden. How to clean this? Just use a putty knife to get into these gaps clean.

Thirdly, you must scrub the wood, ladies, and gents. In doing this, you may use bleach. Just dilute the bleach, half and half with warm water. Scrub the wood with a scrub brush and apply the bleach evenly. McFadden doesn’t recommend the use of undiluted bleach in scrubbing your deck. Also, do not leave the bleach and water for too long. Rinse the deck thoroughly after a few minutes. If you have plants around, cover them with plastic to avoid contact with the cleaning solutions.

Fourthly, allow your deck to dry. “This is an important part of the process,” shares McFadden. “Sealing the deck while wet may trap moisture in the wood severely decreasing the woods life expectancy,” he adds. Make sure that the deck is completely dry. It is because the sealant is water repellent, and you will get an “uneven coat.” Wait for at least two days depending on the weather.

Lastly, apply the sealer. You should buy a foam roller to apply the sealer to the entire deck surface. Before doing this, you must cover the bottom of your safety slats and rails. “This can protect them from ‘wicking’ water from snow drifts or water that puddles or seeps into cracks.”

That’s how you take care and seal your deck, people! *winks* Anyway, for more pictures of the wonderful cabin decks, visit the Highlands Log Structures website below. Enjoy!

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