Woman Escapes Rent by Living in $1000 Tiny Pop-up Camper

Woman Escapes Rent by Living in $1000 Tiny Pop-up Camper

Independence is something many young adults seem to want lately. I myself would love to be out of my parents house someday and see myself living in a place of my own. I often daydream about not having to answer to anyone and becoming my own boss inside my own domicile. It sure has a lot of perks when you own the place, you can decorate it according to your preference, paint your walls with loud colors, put your feet up your own coffee table and not turn on moms fury when you do *giggles*. Sure, that kind of scenario would definitely be ideal but pros also have its cons. Living on your own also means having to pay electricity bills, water bills and of course pay the rent, everything all on your own.

When you think about it, it is kind of tough right? But, 22 year old Lily Kemp, a young lad from Auckland seems to have it all figured out. How? Believe it or not, she managed to be autonomous by living in a pop top camper. Yep, surprising as it may seem, she managed to do it. With just a vintage pop top camper w/c she bought for $1000 at TradeMe, she came up with an idea to escape the rent trap. What adds more to the surprise is that her pop top camper is located near the city, where rents are usually undeniably expensive. Yes, the rent where her pop top camper stands is somewhat pricey but it doesn't worry her at all because since shes only parked outside the area then shes only obliged to pay a quarter of the rent compared to the people actually living inside the apartment.

You might wonder how she does it, fitting her entire living inside a pop top camper, well her key is organization. What she did is simply put inside the pop top camper the basic things that will complete her living. She threw in a fully functioning kitchen in a form of a fridge and gas stove, placed a bed and arranged a sitting area. When it comes to sorting out her clothes and her stuff, she placed everything neatly under the bed and the sofa but since she only has a small space and doesn't really want to always fold and unfold the bed and the sofa just to get clothes, she made use of baskets where she already places the things she might need within the week, smart move right? What made her living even more economic is that she did not only escaped the pricey rent but the electricity bill as well because her pop top camper is simply powered by a a very simple PV system, which Lily picked up on TradeMe for only $60. With that PV system, shes able to power up her fan and LED camper lights, charge up her phone as well as her battery bank. Now this is one form of independence that is definitely money wise.

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