With All the Grandeur You Get for $230K, This Log Home Is Actually Cheap (Click for Floor Plan)

With All the Grandeur You Get for $230K, This Log Home Is Actually Cheap (Click for Floor Plan)

The Bear Rock log home is one of the nicest log homes you will see, it's country living at its best. It proves efficiency doesnt have to be sacrificed when designing a log home. Even with this log homes cathedral ceilings and the wall of windows, it earned a 5 Star Plus Energy Star rating. The stunning truss arm supports over the great room, along with exposed beams throughout make this log home, even more, impressive. This log home floor plan layout is great for entertaining, a workspace comfortable country living. The outdoor living space has it all, a covered porch, open patio and a screened porch. There is not a feature that is missed in this log home floor plan.

The Bear Rock log home has 2,668 square feet of living space, with four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. Pricing for this log home starts at $138,300 for the logs only package and goes to $236,100 for the complete log home package. There are just so many great log home details to list. To start on the main floor you have the lovely screened in country porch, then the cathedral ceiling open living room/dining room/kitchen space, a covered porch, open deck, two bedrooms, a pantry and a bathroom. Upstairs you have an office, two bedrooms, bathroom, and a loft that opens up to the downstairs space.

There are beautiful log home details throughout this stunning log home build. The wall of windows in the great room brings in lots of natural light throughout the day and offers scenic views of the surrounding property. The upstairs dormers make for more space up stairs, one set of stairs is made with half logs for a nice affect, and the kitchen has custom country cabinetry. The big stone fireplace in the great room anchors the room. Lots of great country style fixtures are throughout this log home build. One of the bathrooms has a clawfoot tub, and the bunkroom is a great place for guests (especially kids!) to stay. You will fall in love with the baby's room, complete with its log cabin within the adorable room. Then there is a home based business inside this log home with it's country kitchen space. This is one of the nicest country style log homes you will see! Part of the appeal of this log home comes from it's stunning location, there is lots of open space, greenery, trees and hills to look at and enjoy. The log home property also has space for a large vegetable garden, and it looks like a matching barn is also on the log home property in the distance.

This is just one of the amazing log homes you will find on the Coventry Log Homes website. They have plenty of other log home designs, styles, sizes and plans to choose from. They have the Craftsman Series, the Tradesman Series, and the Cabin Series of log homes and log cabins. This family run business was started by patriarch Jim Elliott and then passed on to his sons Jeff and Mark. They are a small log home company that cares about the environment, the quality of log homes they produce and the customer service that they offer. When you go with a small log home company like Coventry Log Homes, you know that you are going to get one on one customer service, and a log home that will last you a lifetime. The Coventry Log Homes office is located in Woodsville, New Hampshire. The log homes from Coventry Log Homes use the best materials, offer the best prices and have the best value.

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