With All the Features You Get for $75,000, This Mobile Home Is Practically a Steal

With All the Features You Get for $75,000, This Mobile Home Is Practically a Steal

The MH by Wishbone Tiny Homes is a new 10 foot by 24-foot tiny home design on wheels. This cute tiny home has enough room for play and a bunk area for the kids, with lots of closet space. The craftsman style tiny home has lots of unique features that give it a warm and unique look.This charming tiny home has a removable front porch. Outside there is lapped cedar siding on the bottom, with poplar bark siding on top. Inside is a cooks kitchen, with a refrigerator, three burner stove/oven and lots of cabinet storage. There are all sorts of wood finishes inside, with reclaimed barn wood, walls pickled, and feature walls left natural. The wood stove is a modern looking Kimberly that has a custom tile hearth with storage below. The tiny house on wheels is priced between $65,000 to $75,000. The tiny house also has a free standing air conditioner and dehumidifier built into the stairs. The stairs adjust to provide living room seating, and an adjustable bunk grows with what your family needs. Inside the bathroom is a custom wooden tub with subway tile surround. This cozy tiny house is just one of the designs offered by Wishbone Tiny Homes. Wishbone Tiny Homes is a family owned general contracting company and RV manufacturer. You'll want to take a look at their site and see the other unique tiny house plans they offer.

There are more and more tiny home businesses offering new tiny house designs and services all the time. This tiny house company is just one of many. There are tiny house manufacturers that offer just tiny house designs on wheels, which seems to be a popular trend at the moment, offering freedom to move the tiny house to a location of your choice. While other tiny house companies offer tiny house prefabricated designs and prefabricated kits.

There are so many tiny house designs to choose. Whether you just need a tiny house design to use as a garden shed, backyard office space, artist studio or writers retreat, there are tiny house companies that can help you. Many people take on the project of building a tiny house of their own. It's an ambitious project, but certainly can be done. With so many tiny house plans available, there is sure to be something that suits your lifestyle and needs. You might choose to purchase a tiny house plan, build it yourself, or get someone else to build it for you. There are many options. Before considering any tiny house build, you want to be sure to research what sorts of permits you need to build in the area where you live. If you are considering purchasing a tiny house on wheels, you also want to find out what the restrictions and guidelines are for tiny houses for wherever you will be setting up your tiny house.

Purchasing or building a tiny house design, and then setting it up, is just the first step to tiny house ownership. The next step is what you will do with the interior of the tiny house space. If the tiny house space has already been finished inside, then all you have to do is move in and do a bit of decorating. But if your tiny house design has yet to be finished inside, then you can have a lot of fun, making the tiny house you're own. You might choose to use some reclaimed wood finishes around space, and choose some furniture that has good storage to utilize your tiny house space the best that you can. Whatever you choose, it's exciting that there are so many tiny house options out there.

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