Winter's Night Big Sky Montana

Winter's Night Big Sky Montana

There's nothing quite as inspiring and breathtaking as a clear night sky full of stars, it's the thing that paintings and dreams are made of. One look at the "Winter's Night Big Sky Montana," and it's easy to see why.

The photo of the winter's night big sky Montana, is simply breathtaking. A beautiful log cabin surrounded by a rustic wooden fence, a dense forest covered in snow, with glowing light coming out of the warm cabin. What makes this photo even more magical is the lovely starry sky, and yes it is big. As any photographer knows, this site wasn't all that easy to achieve, first its cold and snowy outside, so you have to protect your camera gear and yourself from the cold and snow. Then to get that perfect shot of stars, and there are a lot of them, you would have to have a longer exposure, but not so long that the stars start to form lines as the earth moves, but long enough to capture all the glittering jewels with that lovely purple glow in the sky. This really is a great shot, not only is it beautiful, but it makes you want to be in that photos, that place, in the cabin in snowy Big Sky Montana.

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