Why You SHOULD Freeze Avocado

Why You SHOULD Freeze Avocado

Did you know you can freeze avocados? Frozen avocados, like frozen bananas are going to change their texture somewhat, but they are still great for smoothies, guacamole, dressings and spreads. Avocados in season are often not only a great price, but also are the perfect consistency. Off season often you are disappointed when you cut them open and they are already

blackened. Avocados are a good healthy food choice so to keeping them in your diet year round is beneficial to you. Avocados are high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids which are great for skin, heart, hair and brain and more!

So, start freezing those avocados and enjoy them year round.

You can either cut the avocados into slices or you can puree them for freezing.

Always, always wash your avocado with the skin on in water that has a tablespoon of white vinegar in it. Sprays and bacteria from the skins can be transferred to the inside when you slice them

open with a knife.

Cut the avocado in quarters with the skin on. Separate the avocado and pop the pit out. Peel off the skin. Place the pieces into a freezing container with a seal top lid or into Ziploc freezer bags.

Make sure to keep them separated when you freeze them so you can take just the amount you want out of the freezer bag.

The other option is to puree the avocados with a fork or food processor. If you do this, add a little lime or lemon then to the puree. Place into freezer bags in portion sizes for ease of use later

Stock up on those cheap, in season avocados when available, and enjoy the benefits all year round.