Why Wooden Houses Will Never Go out of Fashion

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Why Wooden Houses Will Never Go out of Fashion

Don't you just love homes built with wood and logs? Check out this awesome Thai Wooden House in the Fashion and Design website for some wood home inspiration. Wooden and log homes have been built forever, and trees have long been a very valuable natural resource to humankind. The trees that naturally grow on Earth give us the materials for so many things that we might not have been able to live without, and things that we probably couldn't do without in this day and age. If you think about it, even homes that are not built completely out of wood or logs, are still built with wooden framing to create the bones of the home. Wood makes for the perfect material, because it is light weight, yet it is very durable. It is also a very easy material to work with, and can be cut and shaped to size very effectively. Wood is a renewable resource, which also makes it a favourable building material since it can be used and then grown again and again to be used for multiple projects. Whereas building materials like steel, for example, take a lot of resources to make and it is not as workable as wood, nor as lightweight. Steel is very durable, but is not as good of a thermal barrier either.

Wood built homes can be built as simply or as intricately as the builder or homeowner likes. Just see this Thai Wooden House for example. There are layers of different sizes of wood and beautifully hand carved, intricate and ornate details all over the Thai wooden house. The overhang on the home is one of the most beautiful and artistic details I have seen on a home, and it very much reflects Thai style, which is very elegant and dainty. The siding is even clad with smaller pieces of wood to create a simple yet beautiful pattern made up of lines and rectangles. So as you can see, the workability of wood is also favourable for designs like this one where wooden carvings are integrated. This would be so much more difficult to do with steel or concrete, if not impossible.

The lovely warm amber glow of wood built houses is also something that other building materials just don't have. The wood looks so inviting and charming, whereas the steel and concrete can have a very cold feel to them and sometimes appear to be a little too stark at times. When wood is integrated into the more modern designs of concrete and steel, it instantly changes the whole appeal of the home creating a warmer appeal to the house, while still looking very modern and trendy. Wood is also wonderful to use in building because of it's flexibility for Earth shifts. When there is an earthquake, you will definitely want to be in a wooden building over a brick or concrete building. This is because the wood is able to stretch and shift with the movements of the Earth, rather than crumbling or cracking like brick or concrete would most likely do. Wooden homes also can withstand high winds as well depending on how they are designed and built.

So as you can see, wood is an excellent building material that not only looks beautiful but is very structurally sound and safe. No wonder humans have been using wood for a plethora of uses. Think of where we would be if we didn't have wood. There would be no houses, no fires, many tools wouldn't be able to be made. We are so lucky to have trees as a natural resource and wood is a material that will never go out of style.

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