Why Quinoa Is the Perfect Food For Diabetics

Why Quinoa Is the Perfect Food For Diabetics

Quinoa is an amazing super food! It is loaded with vitamins, offers a complete source of amino acids, is a great dietary fiber, and helps to lower not only blood pressure and cholesterol, but also regulates blood glucose levels. Wow! Quinoa is an ancient grain that were seeing more and more on the shelves in supermarket aisles, being used as a gluten free substitute, and hitting the charts of popular diet trends but its really no wonder why. It's a healthy grain that offers so much!

So what is quinoa exactly and where did it come from? Quinoa meaning the mother of all grains, is actually a seed, native to the Andes Mountains. There are over 120 different varieties of this special seed, however, what seems to be most popular in the consumer markets is the red, white, and black varieties. While the science and research being focused on quinoa is still relatively young only within the last thirty years or so has this seed been getting some attention quinoa has its historical uses dating back hundreds, even thousands of years. And so far, what we have determined is that it really packs on a punch but in the most beneficial and healthy way!!

Being a healthy dietary fiber, quinoa is a foo that is great for anyone who is trying to cut out unhealthy carbohydrates, lower their blood pressure, help lower cholesterol levels, and regulate their blood sugar levels. Why? Quinoa is an excellent addition to a diabetic diet. A whole-grain with a low glycemic index to support an even blood sugar, it is packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Quinoa is easy to cook and flavorful, and you can incorporate it into a healthy diabetic diet through a variety of ways. It also gives one the feeling of satiation, which helps maintain controlled and conscious eating patterns or behaviours.

So how do you prepare this specials seed? Simple! You boil quinoa in water and cook it similarly to rice. A common ratio is one part quinoa to two parts water. Once cooked, quinoa can stand in for other grains in salads, sides and main dishes. You can also add quinoa to soups or use it in baked goods. Serve quinoa hot, cold or at room temperature. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy!

Quinoa can also be used as a healthy addition to other types of dishes as well. Just like rice, you can add quinoa to soups, stews or chili to give your recipe an extra ingredient that is not only healthy but tasty too. Quinoa is a rich source of healthy vitamins, like B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and folate and is a rich source of the dietary minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Quinoa is also a good source of the B vitamins niacin and pantothenic acid, vitamin E, and the dietary mineral potassium. It's nice when something that tastes this good is also healthy too.

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