Whole Tree Architecture and Design Concepts

Whole Tree Architecture and Design Concepts

The designing and constructing of buildings is truly an art. As part of the many forms of art, architecture probably is the most functional of all. Where would we take shelter from the biting cold of winter, or from the summer's relentless heat? Consider it an integral part of our society. Dating back from the Greek period where Parthenon in Athens was revered as one of the greatest architectural sites to modern forms like the Sydney Opera House in Australia, architectural arts always have a place in everyone's life.

Modern architecture has its appeal to many people because of its' neat and simple designs rather than covering up with ornaments. Materials such as wood, steel, glass and concrete, which are part of modern industrial technology are mostly used. Solid angles, minimalist designs and elements that emphasize linear structure are what makes modern architecture appealing. Yet, some people tend to prefer the more natural-looking houses that seemed to be part of mother nature herself. If you are the kind of person who prefers to be surrounded with limbs of trees while you sit over a bench made from a tree trunk sipping your fit-for-a-king green tea, why not let mother nature build your very own unique kind of a house?

There are numerous examples of organic architecture like the "fallingwater" by Frank Llyod Wright. The primary purpose of such forms is to bring closer human dwelling to the environment. Although you won't be needing to order materials like steel and concrete which are used in buildings in contemporary architecture, designing a simple and elegant "tree house" will still impact pocket a bit! But no worries, the end result will definitely turn out incredibly wonderful! Several design lay-outs have been already made and are used by many, mostly those with great love for nature.

Any timber can actually be used. The good thing is you can retain its original, natural form, or mold it to your own design through heating. It can serve a wide range of purposes like the foundation of a house, long bench and even acts as good support for a staircase! Natural timber retains its original look and strength and can be be enhanced with paint and oil. Some also incorporate whole trees as natural designs embedded over walls and ceilings.

If your mind possess that creative imagination, the sky is the limit! Make that ceiling a vortex of flexible wooden materials, leave a peephole in the center big enough for star gazing. Another great project you can create from natural wood is a nice double-deck bed. Don't forget to use a futon, though. I'm also guessing many of us would like to have a garden with a coffee table, chairs, fence, swings and slides made out of natural wood or whole trees.

Whatever your designs may be as long as they're planned well, you will have a stunning product. Since furniture or houses made from natural wood or whole trees provide a unique visual impact, you won't have regrets!

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