Who Says a Yard Shed Can't Be Beautiful?

Who Says a Yard Shed Can't Be Beautiful?

If you are wanting to build a shed in your yard, why not make it beautiful? Here are some great Shed Plans from The Wood Plans Shop. Your home is a pleasure to look at, so why not make your shed match it's beauty? Some people might be ok with just slapping some wood together and calling it a day in order to make their shed in their back yard, but why not put some more effort into it and make it something really worth while? This log built shed, looks like it could pass for being a tiny home its so attractive. Wood and logs can really make some truly beautiful structures like this one that you see on The Wood Plans Shop. This is a plan for a custom built log shed, that has two stories in it. The second story is a loft-like area where one could put ladders or other equipment that is able to store flat. As you will see in the photo, the man is hoisting a ladder up to store in the upper part of the log built shed through a small door.

The plan that can be purchased from the The Wood Plans Shop website will give the customer full plans that they can build the log shed from, as well as materials lists, and complete instructions on how to build this efficiently. They say that is is actually one of their most popular shed plans they offer and people just love the results it brings. The lower portion of the shed measures ten feet by ten feet, which is a great space for storing tools, yard grooming equipment, as well as sports equipment and gardening supplies. The upper loft level is seventeen feet by four feet of space, which is good for smaller items that might not get used as much as the other equipment or tools.

This log built shed is easy enough for any person to build on their own, as long as they follow the instructions from the plans. The whole project should be able to be built within a few weeks or a month, while you take your time, paying close attention to detail. On the website there is even a nice little diagram that shows the different sections of the log shed, giving you an idea of how it will be assembled. There is also room for customization with these shed plans as well, so if there is any additional items you would like to add on, they can me implemented as you see fit. The log shed can be built upon a concrete foundation, giving it a sturdy and solid base, or put up on concrete blocks and skids to lift it off of the ground. The building plans come able to be printed off from your own home printer as well so you can print off unlimited pages of the plans as you like. You will also get a Do It Yourself Home Repair guide with the purchase of this log shed plan for free! This guide shows you how to do many different projects and how to fix different things around your house, and is a great way to learn how to do things yourself around your home rather than spending a bunch of money on hired help. There are over 600 pages to this guide! What an awesome bonus gift!

So if you wish to purchase a shed, why not try and make it yourself? Not only will you teach yourself something new, you will have something really beautiful to show for it! The Wood Plans Shop has many other log building plans available for purchase on their website so have a look around while you're over there and see what you like. You can't go wrong building things out of logs or wood, you will be guaranteed to have something that you can enjoy for a very long time.

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