Who Needs Acres? This is Economical Brilliance

Who Needs Acres? This is Economical Brilliance

Now this is lake front living, am I right?

Perhaps you will see this image and say 'This type of living will never happen to me", and perhaps you are right, but maybe not. Maybe you see this and are inspired thinking, how hard can it be to build such a small home for myself? Maybe you have already built your own fence or shed or other small DIY and you can now look at a place like this one and feel that perhaps it is not as hard as it seems to have your tiny dream home.

In order to build a successful cabin, you must focus on the following three things to help you along the way.

1) Make sure that you give yourself enough time for planning, designing and engineering. The devil is in the details, so they say, so be sure to think ahead all the details that will surface as you start building.d

2) If you also have a day job, you will end up taking considerable more time off of your job in order to get this project done. Your evenings will be filled and your weekends will always be planned. You will be building.

3) You probably will need to have professional tradespeople assist you when you close the place in and bring in the electrical and plumbing particularly.

Plan your project on paper first to work out the basic concepts. The detailed planning stage should be the most fun, but may be the most time consuming, of the entire project.

The beautiful thing about building on a dock, is that you do not need to buy acreage to do so. You don't need to a lay a foundation and the project can be done on land before you set off for sail. Maybe this won't be your primary residence, but what an incredible weekend getaway.

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