Who doesn't love the Rancher style home? Check out the River View ($93,000)

Who doesn't love the Rancher style home? Check out the River View ($93,000)

A "Rancher" style home is typically defined as a single-story dwelling with a rectangular shape and a low-lying roof. This architectural design was fostered by and cultivated from two previous genres of homes known as "Bungalow" style and "Prairie" style. While the Rancher draws its low and horizontal spread, and often L shaped lines with large glass windows from the Prairie style home, its naturally sourced materials and focus on genuine woods and stone are derivatives of the craftsman style bungalow home that was popularized in the early 1900s. The post Victorian era of luxurious multi-floor houses left homeowners looking for a more down to earth and simplistic approach to architectural design leading into the 1920's through to the 1940's.

While the Rancher style of house was originally built with a great deal of surrounding land...such as on cattle and horses ranches, this well-known home design truly took flight in suburban living in the early 1940's when a home building company called Abraham Levitt and Sons popularized its construction. Ranch style homes have since been made infamous by movies such as "The Parent Trap" and celebrities like Reese Witherspoon with her beautiful 7 acre ranch with a historic rancher in Ojai, California. Of course, home builders all over have since taken great liberties with the original concept of a rancher and have raised the height of the ceilings, added second stories, and implemented a wide variety of materials, windows, door treatments, and landscaping to personalize their dream rancher- and yet somehow the distinct style remains clearly recognizable from other architectural designs.

Today,one company that has their own take on the Rancher style home is eLog Homes.com based in the United States. They offer a variety of home design blueprints, all based on the use of Eastern White Pine logs. One of their designs, "River View", is an absolutely gorgeous log home laid out in historic rancher style with all the natural touches of a traditional log home. Offering 3 bedrooms, 2 and a 1/2 baths with a total floor space of 2,040 square feet, this breathtaking home design also boasts a deck, garage, and porch. Its beauty changing with each surrounding landscape the homeowner chooses to build it on, this rustic and unique rancher is destined to be someone's dream home for sure. The natural materials and artisan log craftsmanship harkens to the treasured bungalow style home, while echoing the prairie style with its horizontal lines and low-lying profile. All these stylistic touches converge into the perfect marriage of simplicity and beauty. The blueprints for this plan are only $299.95 plus shipping and are easily accessible from eLog Homes.com To gaze upon the beauty of this log home design or to browse through many others, follow this link...

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