When The Lights Go Down, The Dream World Comes To Life

When The Lights Go Down, The Dream World Comes To Life

Are you always looking for something to jazz up your home decor? This might be something that will inspire you! When The Lights Go Down, The Dream World Comes To Life in the rooms that this talented artist named Bogi Fabian paints. The scenes look like something out of an animated movie or from a movie set. The shocking thing is that when the lights are on, it just looks like the room has bare walls, but when the lights are turned off, and a black light is turned on, her dream scapes are illuminated and the room is transformed into another world!

The post about the starry sky with the planets and galaxies, has gone viral, and people just love the concept of having this hidden art on their walls. Like a secret that only they know about and can show to those they want to show. Would't this be wonderful for a kid's room? It would be like magic every night when going to bed. It would be a great idea for kids who are afraid of the dark, have all of their favorite characters painted on the wall for them so they could see them in the dark and feel safe and protected.

I remember when I was a kid, seeing the movie 'Mermaids' they made a room look like it was under water, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and wanted that so badly. They even made a mobile lamp that when it turned, looked like the rays of sun filtering through the water. Now this is a level up from that even! She must be booked solid with all of this new found internet fame that has come upon her! Good for her! She obviously loves what she does. Check out more photos of her amazing work, head over to 'Sunny Skyz' by following the link in the description below!

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