When Done Right, Mountain Home Architecture Can Completely Take Your Breath Away

When Done Right, Mountain Home Architecture Can Completely Take Your Breath Away

This stunning Log Home 45 is probably in one of the most beautiful locations atop a mountain, looking out at the view all around. You couldn't ask for a more amazing log home build. Everything about it is perfect. Not just one peaked roof, but three! With lots of windows, a wrap around patio with log railings, stonework down below and large logs and unique log corners. The craftsmanship of this log home is spectacular, you just can't help looking at it, and wanting to be right there in that spot. You get the feeling of warmth and comfort from this majestic log home build. This log home build is the type of home that dreams are made.

This log home gives someone lots to dream about. Of course, when it comes to building your log home, a lot of it comes down to budget, and how much you can afford to spend. Building a log home in a location on the side of a hill or mountain like this, would take a little more planning and, a larger budget. There is plenty to think of when it comes to building a log home. From the log home design, plan and size that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs, to the location where your log home will sit. It's an exciting process and one that should be well researched and talked about with the right people.

Pioneer Log Homes have been building log homes for more than 40 years. The log home company is located in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada where they are in proximity to some of the most beautiful wood in the world. From Western Red Cedar to Douglas Fir and Spruce. They build their log homes to withstand high annual rainfall, snowfall, severe winds, earthquakes, and extreme climates. Log homes and homes built from wood perform better in earthquakes than other building materials such as steel and concrete. Wood is also known to have excellent acoustic capabilities that absorb sound, helping to reduce noise and echoing in your new home.

The log homes built by Pioneer Log Homes are specifically designed and engineered for each area they are constructed. They factor in exposures to sunlight, climate change, severe winds, and earthquakes.

Pest problems of the past from insects and termites virtually eliminated due to the current construction techniques and practices such as suppression barriers, treated wood, and site management. Pioneer Log Homes have shipped world class log homes to the Southern United States and Australia where damaging insects are prevalent. The way their structures are engineered virtually eliminates the problems that have occurred in the past in North American wood frame construction including log homes and timber framed homes.

Wood structures are engineered to provide the same safety and reliability as other building materials such as steel and concrete. Independent studies show heavy timber resists fire better than steel that can weaken and collapse quickly when exposed to intense heat. In many respects, heavy timber construction is compared to and equivalent to reinforced concrete. With most fires, no matter what the building materials used in the construction are, the proof shows the fire dangers attributed to the contents inside the home or structure. On the Pioneer Log Homes site, you will find testimonials of Pioneer log home owners who have been through earthquakes, tornadoes and fires with their log homes still intact.

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