What You Can do With Only 580 Sq. Ft. of Living Space

What You Can do With Only 580 Sq. Ft. of Living Space

If you're wondering what you can do with only 580 square feet of floor space, the answer is: A LOT! This 580 sq. ft. Heritage log cabin is proof that you don't need a mega-mansion to live a comfortable, rockstar life. The exterior might remind you of the forest cabin Snow White stumbled into as she escaped from her evil step mother, but when you peer inside, you will find a comfortable, minimalist, and zen interior, one designed by architectural geniuses.

This house may seem small, as it is called a tiny house, after all, but it isn't inadequate. Every square inch of this 580 sq. ft. home has been fully maximized to accommodate all the needs of the homeowner, and though compact, there's actually space for everything. Naturally, you can't fit large furniture in a cabin as compact as this, you can, however, fit enough decor and furnishings fit for up to 2 people.

So, what's inside this heritage log cabin? The floor plan of this heritage tiny house shows ample space for a living area, a kitchen, one bathroom, at least two bunk rooms, some loft space, and even, a porch area. The floor plan and its size makes it ideal for use as a log cabin, but if you prefer small house living, you could call this 14'7" by 27', 580 sq. ft. cabin your home.

Building a log cabin isn't expensive, either, which makes owning this heritage log cabin an even better idea. All you need is enough space for a 580 sq. ft. structure, and you've got yourself a beautiful, modest home. The floor plan for it is freely available for your reference, so should you wish to build a comfy cabin like this for yourself in the future, you have all the blueprint you may need at Tiny House Pins.

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