What Once Was a Dump Is Now a Beautiful Home and They've Done It All by Themselves

What Once Was a Dump Is Now a Beautiful Home and They've Done It All by Themselves

Owning a log cabin or a log house is a dream for many people, but the high cost to build a log cabin can deter people from purchasing one. Check out these Do-It-Yourselfers Revamp A Tiny Cabin! Remodelling or renovating a cabin can be a wonderful option for those who would like a log cabin but don't want to do all of the work from scratch. There is always something that can be done to improve upon an existing house, whether it would be repairs, or totally gutting the house to make it look brand new again. For some people, it is their passion to take a house that is already in existence and spruce it up to their liking. There are even people who do this as a job. They take a house and do what is called 'house flipping' where they basically take the house in a less than desirable state and renovate it into being a beautifully updated and stylish home. This can take houses that have been on the market for months and turn them into totally desirable homes that have multiple offers on them.

This DIY revamp tiny cabin project was done by Dale Bruntz, who saw this little cabin with so much potential. Dale and his wife Jo set out to accomplish most of the alterations to the cabin themselves. They seemed to want that log cabin feel, so they decided to go with log siding, which can, in fact, be a lot more affordable than building a whole house with full sized logs. The reason being that the log siding only uses a portion of the log, so it is able to cover more area while using fewer materials. The log siding also gives the cabin or home the insulation benefits of a real log home, even though only a part of the log is being used. So not only do you have the beautiful look of a log build cabin or home, but you also get the benefits of keeping your cabin or home nice and warm at the same time. The log siding is also quite a lot easier to put up and add to the house by yourself, rather than having to hire out help. A cabin or house sided with log siding also is not subject to the shrinking or settling that real log homes need to have factored in.

Dale and Jo decided to put in skylights and an oversized sliding door into their tiny cabin for more light and to increase the feeling of spaciousness in the smaller cabin. The skylights look fabulous as well as the large sliding door! They enlisted the assistance of a professional for the sketch ups of the project, which seemed to help immensely in getting the open and airy feel they were going for. The couple also added onto their small cabin to add a proper bedroom for themselves. Before, the cabin was under 1, 000 square feet and only had a loft area to sleep in. They also renovated the bathroom to make it more functional and new, bringing in a new larger vanity and a full sized shower unit. They also added in their laundry machines that were in a shed outside before, so that they have better accessibility to the machines for doing their laundry.

Dale also got the help of his friend to help him build a beautiful dock off of the land that their smaller cabin occupied. This created a perfect space to lounge out on hot summer days on the lake and to tie up the boat to and have a launching place from. All in all, their renovations really made a huge difference, and the small cabin looks better than ever! It even totally looks like a log cabin! Check out more photos on the Cabin Living website.

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