What It Lacks in Luxury, It Makes up for in Warmth

What It Lacks in Luxury, It Makes up for in Warmth

This autumn scene for a small cabin is easy to be inspired by when it comes to log home living. The beautifully colored leaves forming a colorful quilt that leads up to the rustic log cabin build. This log cabin is located in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. The log cabin retreat is thought to have been built in 1932, with an extra bedroom that was added on to the original Tamarack log structure in the mid-1990s. The family that owns the log cabin property uses it as a guest log cabin to their main log cabin. The grandchildren of the log cabin take this cute tiny log retreat over whenever it is empty and make it their favorite place to play.

Stone Lake is located in northwest Wisconsin, where there are lovely dense forests, glacial lakes and hills and glacial lakes to be found. The first settlers of the area were loggers and farmers, who came to the there in the 1880s. It soon became a boomtown with the arrival of the Soo Line Railroad, that provided water for the steam engines. It became the busiest train station on the Chicago to Duluth route. When visiting or staying in this part of the country you want to make sure to check out the Stone Lake Area Historical Society Museum complex. Every year the town in this area hosts the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival that draws thousands the first Saturday in October. The festival includes a baking contest, a craft market, marsh tours and more. All fun activities when you are staying in a log cabin location like this.

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You will find plenty of the log cabin stories to include an open-air boathouse with an open-air boathouse that greets its arriving visitors to Indian Point Camp, a private log home on a remote lake in New York's Adirondacks and a remote log cabin that is a green gem. The log cabin stories on this site are inspiring to say the least and will leave you with a feeling that a log cabin might be a nice thing to enjoy in the future, whether it be like a cozy log cabin build or a log cabin vacation with the family. It's no wonder that log cabin living is as popular as it is, there is just something about log cabins that we can't resist. That mix of natural materials that fit in so perfectly to the beautiful locations that you find so many log cabins in. Whether it be that log cabin, you saw in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, that Idaho fishing retreat you went to twenty years ago, or your grandfathers hand built log cabin on the lake. There is lots to love about log cabin living.

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