What Happens When You Combine a Camper and a Yacht?

What Happens When You Combine a Camper and a Yacht?

You've never seen anything like this Caravisio Luxury Camper! It takes camping to a whole new level. This luxury camper looks like something out of a science fiction movie. This stunning luxury yacht design is the ultimate in tiny house living. The aerodynamic shape of Caravisio optimizes the performance of the pull along luxury camper.Once inside this tiny luxury camper you will find two single beds that are arranged in a V at the front, and can be converted into a double bed for sleeping. The sleeping tiny cabin is surrounded by windows that bring in lots of natural light.

Inspired by the luxury yacht design, aerodynamic shape of Caravisio optimizes performance. Two single beds are arranged in a V at the front and can be converted into a double bed for sleeping. There Sleeping forward cabin is surrounded by a panoramic window bringing in lots of natural light. In the main cabin area of the tiny camper, you have a convertible space that serves as a living room, dining room or work area. The living room of the luxury camper opens to the outside through a sliding door that is double glazed. The luxury camper is controlled by a technology system that is highly sophisticated. It looks like a yacht from the back of the luxury camper. And you will see why because the floor of the luxury camper is designed in the spirit of a boat deck. This luxury camper is modern, sleek and almost out of this world. Lots of white inside, modern built in drawers and furniture, with a unique shape that works. You can't help but want to go inside and take a look for yourself. You can only imagine, what sorts of other tiny campers are going to come out in the next ten years!

This is just one of the unique tiny house designs you will find on this site. This site is all about tiny house living with plenty of ideas, photos and things to be inspired by. You will find everything from tiny house inspiration and tiny house plans, tiny house videos and more. You'll find tiny house photos like a red cottage in Denmark, a Gulf Island cottage, Pietro Belluschi small house, Wildwood Lakefront Cottages, and the Scrumpy barn. You'll also see tiny houses like the Atwood cottage, the mobile home the EBS block expandable building system block, a wine cellar surprise, the Libertine tiny cottage, a 100 percent recyclable prefab wooden house, DIY how to build a tiny house and so much more.

Tiny homes and small homes just keep getting more and more than ever before with all sorts of styles, designs, plans, and sizes to suit just about every need and preference. The name used for this popular growing trend is the Small House Movement or The Tiny House Movement, which as the name implies is living in small or tiny houses and the move towards living a simpler life. Living simply really just means living with less stuff. Living in a small house or tiny house, means having less space, so you have to be creative on how you will use your space, so as not to feel cluttered. Living with less stuff, is probably a lesson we can all learn. Which isn't always easy in this consumer based world we live in, but every little thing you do can be a move in the right direction. A tiny house or small house is a return to living in smaller sized houses, which usually means living in a tiny house or small home that is less than 500 square feet.

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