What Can You Get for $32k? A Parking Spot? A Minivan? How about a Home?

What Can You Get for $32k? A Parking Spot? A Minivan? How about a Home?

"Shipping Container Homes" are an interesting type of tiny house option because they can be set up and shipped almost anywhere, and they are also very durable and hurricane proof as they are designed for protection when shipping.These shipping container homes from Meka World are made out of steel shipping containers and come in many different sizes starting from 320 square feet to 1280 square feet. You will want to take a look at all their great design options and styles of shipping container homes. You can place a shipping container home in most any location from oceanside, lakeside, surrounded by forests and mountainside. Some of the shipping container home styles have very modern finishes, with roof top patio, lots of glass, stackable shipping container styles, shipping container homes with solar and off grid options. There are a variety of beautiful finishes you can have with beautiful wood finishes, and you can even have a cozy wood stove for heat on cold days. Shipping container homes are a great tiny home option.

Shipping container homes are a popular type of tiny house construction used in many locations across the world. Shipping container homes and architecture are a form of tiny house architecture that uses steel intermodal containers otherwise known as shipping containers (you know the ones you see on large freighters at ports around the world) as structural elements. Shipping container tiny homes can also be referred to as cargotecture, The use of shipping containers as a tiny house building material has grown in popularity over the last several years due to their strength, wide availability, and relatively low cost. Shipping container tiny homes have also become popular with people as they are seen as a more environmentally friendly building material option such as brick and cement, and looked at as a recylcled or repurposed building material.

Some examples of what you might see on this tiny house site include the prius camper, the Ablenook a multi use portable dwelling, 8 benefits you can make happen by living simply, crazy tiny cube house in Holland, 4 small A frame houses being built, Jess and Dan's tiny home on wheels a couple living tiny and mortgage free, Ethans tiny house on wheels, L'il Van Go turning a van into a mobile art studio, 400 square foot tiny cabin called the Totems, wooden yurts octagon cabin with big windows and mountain views, two tiny houses on the road, modern and red small house, wearable shelter if you're thinking about backpacking, Arkiboat modern tiny houseboat on pontoons, VW vans converted into original teardrop like micro campers, 1965 Serro Scotty Sprotsman travel trailer renovation, 667 square foot modern small house for family in Sweden, teardrop trailer tiny home, 1929 antique tiny house on wheels built on a model T Ford, Malissa Tack's tiny house big lot design in 3D, Russian barn style small log cabin cottage and so much more.

In this modern world many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes, when it fact we really don't need as much space as we all think. Tiny house living is a lesson in simplicity and a break away from needing so much, in this consumer driven world we live in. We could all use a bit less stuff, and with that we could save some money and possibly afford to do more of the things we love.

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