What Can a Greek Cottage Teach You about Making the Most of Your Time?

What Can a Greek Cottage Teach You about Making the Most of Your Time?

No matter what setting they are placed in, tiny homes are some of the most adorable and beautiful structures in the world. This Adorable Small Greek House definitely has a very quaint and loveable appeal to it, that you just can't find in typical conventional sized homes. There are so many people out there who are living in tiny houses like this one, living in more of a traditional way then what is prescribed as the American way. The cabin in this post from Tiny House Pins page from Tiny House Talk will inspire you to want one of your very own! You will fall in love with the blissful coastal style structure and wish you could have one to call home or as a retreat. Homes like this could be made to be for recreational purposes, but they could also be used as an income property or a guest suite, or even as a full time residence if you want to live smaller. I love the whimsy of this little abode, it would be the perfect home.

This small home is located in Lasithi Plateau, in Crete Greece. It totally has that Greek island vibe to it, which I can imagine gives the dwellers a feeling like they are on permanent vacation. This is why the Greek and most other European people have such beautiful lives, they focus on making their lives feel good in every way possible. They don't save things for weekends or holidays, they make their whole lives beautiful and sustainable. North Americans could take a few hints from our European friends. Most homes there would actually be considered tiny homes. People don't really have more then they need and because spaces is limited, people usually build smaller homes.

The ambiance of the home has such a beautiful quality about it, it just brings about such a calming feeling. Like there is not another care in the world when you are there. The great barrels made into planters with gorgeous, colourful flowers growing in them, look so rustic and lovely. I especially love the great pergolas they have that are crawling in greenery and wrapped in vines. It looks so lush and vibrant. The colours of these small homes are so eye catching and fun! I love the yellow and blue on the first house, and the pink and red on the other. You can almost smell the intoxicating aroma of the sea in the distance. The stunning blue skies are enough to make anyone want to be here, to just jump into the photo. Wouldn't you love to live in a house like this? What a gorgeous home to live in , or even visit for a vacation. Can you picture yourself here?

I imagine it to be located somewhere in the hills on the island, somewhere far away from the city. The type of home looks to be that old traditional cement Greek style type of home that you can see in Europe and different parts of the United State, Mexico and South America. These Greek homes definitely have a very special appearance and a whimsy that you cannot forget. People who love homes that are nice and bright and cheerful, would absolutely love to see this house. This home would even be fun to just visit for a day and get a chance to look around inside it. I wonder if the inside is as fun as the outside, maybe with tile floors and bright white walls with art on them. Now you just have to take a trip to the Island or Crete and maybe you will have the luck of spotting this very house! Check out more wonderful tiny homes on Tiny House Pins!

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