What Better Way to De-Stress than in a Peaceful, Cozy Log Cabin?

What Better Way to De-Stress than in a Peaceful, Cozy Log Cabin?

This is a sweet Small Log Home With Loft that has a lot going for it. Imagine just being able to have a nice log home in the woods or a log cabin that you could retreat to when you need a break from it all. This little log cabin is the most picturesque little place, the way its all nestled in the trees surrounded by the beauty of nature. Having a place like this to enjoy when you are feeling stressed out could be the key to happiness. Sometimes you just need to have some time in nature to rebalance and relax enjoying some time to self. Log homes are actually proven to be very stress reducing on their own accord. Studies have been conducted on the stress levels of people who stay in a log home or cabin and after a short time, stress levels drop quite significantly. This is because of the natural healing properties that the logs embody. Logs were once trees standing in the forest, and the same way that being in a forest is healing and rejuvenating for people, the log homes made from the trees is also similarly beneficial.

With it's beautiful gabled roof over the porch, the log home in this photo in Pinterest just calls out to welcome you into it's warm atmosphere. You can probably hear and smell the wood fire burning already or maybe hear the sound of a light rain falling on the metal roof. The log home would be sure to be warm and cozy no matter what the weather would be. Logs have a very high thermal mass and are able to retain all of the radiant heat from a fire place or any other heat source, making them not only nice and warm consistently, but this is also very economical when it comes to heating the log home as well. People notice that they spend less on heating bills when they move into a log home over how much they used to spend in a conventional home build with drywall and lumber. The reason being is that logs actually have a layer of insulation built within them. This is a part of their Heartwood, and as the tree grows, the heartwood becomes stronger and thicker which is great for the thermodynamics of home interiors.

I love how simple this particular small log home is, it would make for the perfect vacation cabin which would also be able to be rented out when its not in use by its owners. How wonderful to be able to share this sense of comfort and relaxing lifestyle with other people and let them in on a little piece of heaven. There looks to be at least two bedrooms within this log home, as well as a loft area, which is always a nice addition to have for extra sleeping space or storage space. When you have guests its so much nicer to be able to offer them their own little sleeping area rather than a spot on the sofa or futon. Although I am sure even if guest had just a sleeping spot on the couch or futon they would be just as happy for a chance to spend time in a lovely cabin like this one.

There are so many different places where log home and log cabin kits can be found for a log home model like this one. Many of them offer different log home building packages to make it easy for people to even build a log home like this on their own. So for all of those DIYers out there, this could be the perfect solution for that dream log home or log cabin that you have always wanted. Check out this lovely little log home with a loft on Pinterest and make sure you Pin it to one of your own boards for inspiration!

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