What Better Place to Wake up than in a Log Cabin Surrounded by Mountains?

What Better Place to Wake up than in a Log Cabin Surrounded by Mountains?

This beautiful Powell, MT #9952 log cabin home sits at the southern end of Flathead National Forest, in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. This log cabin design is everything a log cabin should be, built in the Swedish Cope style of fully rounded exterior logs. This log cabin design also has fully rounded rafters, along with a rustic decorative stair rail features. This log cabin design would work well as a full-time residence, or as a log vacation home. Seeing a log cabin like this can easily inspire your log home dreams. This simple log cabin design incorporates nice details such as upstairs dormers for additional space, a stone chimney, and fireplace, and covered front porch to make this log cabin feel cozy and inviting. This is a log cabin that you could easily enjoy spending a lot of time at, a place that you could relax and get some fresh air in a nice location.

Essentially that is what log cabin living is all about. The combination of a log cabin design that offers what you need in a home, built in a location that you can enjoy spending time in. A location that is surrounded by nature, trees, and fresh air, where you can feel like getting outdoors, whether it be to go hiking, fishing or just for a walk. Real Log Homes has been in business since 1963, helping people realize their log home dreams for over 50 years! The log home company originally known as Vermont Log Buildings has helped design and manufacture log homes, log cabins, log lodges and log camps on both a national and global level. In their 50 years of experience, they have sold nearly 30,000 Real Log Home brand log homes. It is their priority to make each client log home experience as stress-free as possible. Real Log Homes focus is on providing five core components at a level that will not only meet, but exceed each customers expectations.

When it comes to building the log home or log cabin of your dreams you start by browsing their site and viewing their log home floor plans, that they sell and manufacture. Their in house log home design department has over 100 years of combined log home design experience, and they can modify any log home plan for you, or design a log home or log cabin completely from scratch. You can also come in and take a tour of their log home manufacturing plant.

When it comes to choosing and building the log home design of your dreams, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. You want to work with a log home designer and log home builder that shares in your log home vision. It is important to do your research and find a log home company that not only shares in your vision but has your best interests in mind, a company with plenty of log home experience and knowledge that can help lead the way.

Choosing a log home is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to sustainability and environmental choices. Wood is a recyclable, natural and renewable resource that grows without using artificial energy, and even though it has to be transported and harvested it still uses less energy than that of concrete or steel. Wood is also one of the strongest building materials there is, with log homes and wooden structures lasting centuries. Real Log Homes believes in taking care of the environment, and they make sure to reduce and reuse any cut offs they can in the manufacturing process by recycling locally, and making available at no cost the wood pieces for people who use them for fuel, crafts and other projects.

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