We Quit Our Jobs, Built A Tiny House On Wheels And Hit The Road

We Quit Our Jobs, Built A Tiny House On Wheels And Hit The Road

Quitting your job and heading out on the open road. Now this is an idea that many people think about but not everyone is adventurous enough to do.

The story here is about a young couple that got tired of rent, possessions, debt and careers and longed to follow their passions of writing and photography. They were exposed to the tiny house movement and were inspired to make a major shift in how they were living. Their plan included building a tiny home, travelling North America for a year and creating an inspiring journal portfolio documenting alternate lifestyles. They would be able to combine both of their dream talents of writing and photography to get it don.

Neither of them had any construction experience, but they both had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and willingness to learn whatever they needed to as they went along. Through perseverance, they successfully built their tiny house on wheels and hit the road, ready for adventure.

Now with 10,000 miles behind them and six months into their new lifestyle they have met many like-minded people building and living in tiny homes of all shapes and sizes.

They have seen tiny homes built as tree houses, houseboats, and yurts. All the interesting people they have met along the way have the same common goal and that is to live a life that if filled with more than being caught in the trap of the 9 to 5, with the big house and mortgage.

They are documenting the stories of the people they are meeting and taking lots of photographs.

Good luck to them on their exciting life adventure. They have parked their tiny home is some pretty fascinating spots. To see some inspiring photographs and know more about their story please visit the 'Bored Panda' website below.

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