Unrivaled Log Home Design: From Doorstep to Roof (Click for Floor Plans)

Unrivaled Log Home Design: From Doorstep to Roof (Click for Floor Plans)

Wait until you see this gorgeous Hillcrest Log Home Floor Plan from Confederation Log Homes, featured on My Wood Home website. Confederation Log Homes company is actually Canada's leading log home manufacturer, and they ship their product all around the world. Having been in business since 1979, this company has been building high-quality log homes and they have also won awards for technical advancements, floor plans, designs, and building quality. They have many plans that you can browse on their website including this Hillcrest Log Home floor plan. They also have distributors all over North America, making it easy for anyone who would like to own one of these beautiful log homes, to obtain one with minimal shipping fees. They want people to know that building a log home is easier than most people think, and they love playing a part in people's journeys of building the home of their dreams, making it fun and exciting.

The Hillcrest Log Home Floor Plan includes three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with 2,327 square feet, spread out over two levels. A log home plan like this would be a lovely design for a family of three or more, so much space on the main floor for the kitchen and great room as well as a dining area that flows from the kitchen. The layout is quite open, yet serves to have privacy in the bedrooms of the home, which is really nice when you share a home with multiple family members. The two and a half bathrooms also make it easier to share a space, so not everyone is fighting over a bathroom. The natural design of log homes is so unique, with the soaring cathedral ceilings and tall walls with numerous windows. Usually the stone built fireplace is the central focus of the home as well, which you can see in the Hillcrest floor plans.

The entrance way of the Hillcrest log house is absolutely stunning, with large steps leading up to the tall, covered porch. The beams that frame the entrance way on the porch give the home a very regal feel to it. The full wall of windows in the living room is just spectacular and creates the perfect way to open up the house to the surrounding views and the natural sunlight that streams in. Every part of this home is built with such attention to detail and with the highest quality materials. You can tell that the people at Confederation Log Homes company work very hard in maintaining a standard of excellence in their product, and they are always refining and expanding upon what they offer.

On their website, they even have a little quiz that prospective customers can take to see what kind of log home and log home kit will suit their needs best. With so many log home building companies out there, all offering different packages that include varying materials, it is essential to know exactly what will be included in a kit. Many times a simple kit will only include the logs to build the house, with nothing else. But, there are log home building kits that come with everything, they will obviously cost more than the simplified plans, but this insures that the customer gets everything they need to build their log home right away. Log homes are a joy to own, and they can create a long lasting and beautiful place to enjoy for generations to come. Even if you are not interested in purchasing or building a log home, it is quite intriguing to have a look through some of them.

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