Unique Wood on this Modern Log Home with Rustic Charm

Unique Wood on this Modern Log Home with Rustic Charm

There are so many beautiful cottages out there, but this is a very unique one that you must see! This Cozy Wooden Cottage Surrounded By Moscows Lush Forests, was designed by Elena Sherbakova. It is the perfect balance of traditional log building and modern design. This cottage has a very unique design, it is a great inspiration for log home builders and designers who want a refreshing take on traditional log building. Log houses have been being built for centuries, and although the classic traditional designs are beautiful, it's always exciting to explore fresh new designs.

The way that this cozy wooden cottage was designed, gives it such a rustic appeal on the exterior, with the grey washed out looking wood, which looks like the cottage has been there for a while, giving it a relaxed vibe. The funky and colourful furniture gives a nice added punch of colour, to brighten up the neutral pallet. As more of the interior and other design aspects are noticed, it becomes very apparent that this cottage was created to be something different and special.

There is so much space inside this seemingly smaller sized cabin, there is a lovely seating room that is situated right by the dining table, with an amazingly unique and futuristic looking fire place that all of the chairs can congregate around, as thought it were a campfire. An amazing place to relax and enjoy conversation with friends, without the bugs and the campfire smoke, if that's not your thing. The open concept includes a tv room on the other side of the dining space, with the spacious kitchen within steps of the sofa. The two bedrooms also have tons of space, allowing for a desk in each. The way everything is laid out, and the interior decor is done, is absolute perfection. A must see! Head over to 'Home Dit' by following the link in the description below for more!

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