Unique Furniture and Yard Decorations for Home Decorating Made of Tree Logs

Unique Furniture and Yard Decorations for Home Decorating Made of Tree Logs

Log Homes these days are being built and lived in by many homeowners. Aside from the natural beauty of the exterior and interior designs, it gives comfort and tranquility. Tree logs and twigs are unique and natural materials for log homes and gazebos, yard decorations, garden path borders, fences and dog houses. They also give an opportunity to show your creativity in decorating backyards, gardens and porches with a natural style. Home and yard decorations made of logs are eco friendly products that bring connection with nature and support green living ideas. Decorative logs give an attractive look and eco feel to a house design and backyard decorating.

With this kind of decorating, the interior and exterior design will have an organic shape and beautiful texture because of interesting logs and twigs as well as adding neutral colors and warmth to home decorating ideas. They also give a personal touch to your art of creation. You can create unlimited with logs and twigs making everything so unique with this durable material. Some ideas include unusual containers for plants and flowers, picnic tables and chairs, garden benches, lighting fixtures, fences and dog houses. Your log homes and yard decorations will look wonderful all throughout the years. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure these materials are well protected from elements and fire.

Be inspired by this unique log bench made by David Long and Antoine Morris. With their combined creativity, they only had to have minimal sketches and then let the lumberjack carve out seat spaces from this gigantic stump. It is then hand-sewn with upholstery fabric by a motorcycle saddle maker after the rough hollows were finely clad. From a simple piece of log to a unique stunning bench, everything you have in mind will be possible with log and twigs.

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