Unique Cottages At Wildwood Lakefront

Unique Cottages At Wildwood Lakefront

Not everyone wants to build a massive home to live in. There are many of us in the world that would like to create a living situation that feels upper class and luxurious, but at the same time we care about the environment and the costs of living. This is where these Unique Cottages At Wildwood Lakefront come in as some amazing inspiration. We want classy but simple, elegant but sustainable. Yes, we want best of both world and who can really blame us? This is where West Coast Homes comes in, this is a company specializing in a home building techniques to suit all the needs of people like us.

One type of building that they specialize in are the 'Wildwood Lakefront Cottages'. They are called this because they truly do make for incredible lakefront cottages. There are 4 types of cottages available in this style, all of which have a special charm and a heavy focus on indoor/outdoor living. There is unique architecture in all that is built. The style is very modern and looks very contemporary, yet it also has a great west coast traditional style as well. The look is very warm and cozy looking and gives you the feeling of a nice little cabin in the woods, or a cabin on a lake, or even a cabin on the oceanfront. Honestly, these cabins could fit in nicely wherever they were built.

The four different cabins have different styles and so they have named them different names. The San Juan is the first one and it is 400 square feet, plus an optional 250 square foot loft space, costing $125, 000 to build. The Anacortes, is slightly different, but still 400 square feet and is $130, 000, also having the option of a 250 square foot loft in the space. Then there is the Whidbey, which has a slightly different lay out and design and also costs $130, 000, and also has the option for a loft of 250 square feet to be built. The last one is called The Townsend, which is still 400 square feet of space on the main floor, and the optional 250 square feet for a loft space, this one costs $145, 000. The West Coast Homes company will also help you to design a custom home, implementing some of the design ideas that are in their current home designs.

The 4 varieties available each have a full bedroom, bathroom and living area. Some have double sided fireplaces which is a great feature, roomy lofts, flex room sand rooftop decks. Oh and get this...some of these rooftop decks even have fireplaces which is a total bonus. The base models have high end finishes (including quartz countertops, cedar accents, hardwood floors and custom cabinets). The benefits to you of this kind of living are huge. You will have low maintenance and more time to relax and take part in your favourite activities. You can have smaller easy living, but with space for entertaining and guests, and the green (environmental) benefits are huge also. The windows are all energy efficient, the hardwood floors are of high quality so they will last longer. When you buy and build smaller you can afford quality over quantity, meaning that your house will be made of the most superb materials. Also, the materials are all bought locally and made locally as well, so you are also supporting a sustainable, and local economy which supports local businesses and families and human rights.

For more images, pricing info and so on visit the 'West Coast Homes' website and have a look!

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