Underwater Gardening! Growing Basil in the Deep Blue Sea!

Underwater Gardening! Growing Basil in the Deep Blue Sea!

There are all sorts of ways to garden, from container, back gardens, hanging baskets, community gardens and zen gardens. Who knew that you could also try "Underwater gardening! Growing basil in the deep blue sea!."

You can find out more about underwater gardening at Orto di Nemo (Nemo's Garden), an undersea agriculture project that is now in its fourth year. Located off the coast of the gorgeous Ligurian Riviera, you can see a place where basil, strawberries, beans and lettuce are all grown 20 to 30 feet under the deep blue sea, of the Mediterranean Sea. These beautiful gardens explore the possibilities of subaquatic plant cultivation. Well we most likely won't be seeing mass agricultural operations sprouting up just yet, the scuba gear wearing male farmers of the Italian diving equipment company Ocean Reef Group have made it clear that small scale, hydroponic based undersea farming, a method of farming that is free from pests, weeds, severe weather, fickle growing seasons and the need for excessive amounts of energy, is a future possiblitliy especially as land across the world starts to dry up.

The underwater gardening and farming takes place in the water in a series of transparent biospheres that are tethered to the seabed in the sun drenched Bay of Noli. They are miniature balloon type greenhouses that bob along the ocean floor. The humid air within the transparent biospheres stays at a constant, optimum termperaure for the thirsty plants, wand get water by condensing seawater that drips from the inner walls of the self contained bubbles. Nemo's Garden is just offshore not out too deep, so the underwater crops still receive filtered sunlight that beams through the surface. The underwater plants thrive in these CO-2 rich conditions, and grow really fast.

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