Treehouse Apartment Building: Sustainable and Totally Amazing

Treehouse Apartment Building: Sustainable and Totally Amazing

A Tree house 63 unit residential building is our feature in this article. This is utterly spectacular and quite literally a breath of fresh air as this live space sits surrounded by roads and concrete buildings.

This tree house apartment building is located in the 25th street in Turin, Italy. They call it 25 Verde. This tree house apartment will prove to you that it is never too late to experience the tree house magic that youve never experienced in your childhood. Well, you have to thank the brilliant Italian architect behind this, Architect Luciano Pia. One of Pias personal rules in designing a building is green which means aiming for a more three-dimensional green. Less designed, in other words, more natural. And enter this tree house apartment. *winks*

The construction is completed on 2012. The eco-friendly tree house apartment has 150 tall trees. Well, I mentioned earlier about keeping you in healthy condition, right? Now, this is what Im talking about. While you live in the city, these trees will protect you from air and noise pollution. They give the house a harmonious and cool atmosphere. Isnt it marvelous? They are placed in large bronze pots. Anyway, the apartment houses of 63 apartment units. Each unit has a terrace that provides indoor or outdoor spaces.

To end this article, let me share a one sentence quote I got from Pias website about the tree house apartment that really moved and amazed me. I just hope that there are more people like Luciano Pia. *sighs* Anyway, before I share, if you want to view more photos, just visit Arch Dailys website below! Enjoy! *winks*

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