Trapper Log Cabin from $3,066

Trapper Log Cabin from $3,066

The best thing about designing your own cabin is you can make it unique and custom for your tastes. This Trapper Log Cabin, has all the basic comforts of home, complete with windows, and even has dutch doors and a loft for storage or extra sleeping quarters - for just $3,066.

Keep in mind, there are few suggestions when building a log cabin. There are wide varieties of options to customize and create you cabin, but you should consider a few options before committing as they all have different benefits. You need to start first with the types of wood for the exterior. Siding, can be made with various types of wood and the most popular options include: peeled log (or unpeeled log with bark still on), bevel, Butt and pass, ship lap, board and batten, or just wooden shake shingles. Next, edging the cabin finishes off the look and may be natural edge, square edge, shadow board, square trim or log trim (with peeled / unpeeled log "bark"). As these cabins can be installed on almost any terrain, even "un-even terrain" there is no need for expansive concrete pads and this allows for "on-site" building. Lastly, you need to ensure your roofing choices keep the elements out and you should use galvanized metal, shingles or rolled roofing to make your cabin last.

There are many things to consider in the design of your cabin and a few other important reminders are the following:

a) Plumbing / Electricity - off-grid, is best for remote areas and installing like solar panels for electricity and out-house facilities allow you to build away from congested cities.

b) Stone Accents - A fireplace, chimney or stone paths are wonderful ways (even if only for aesthetic purposes), to add personality to your cabin.

c) Windows - Window are so important to allow you to take in the best part about living near a lake or a mountain... THE VIEWS! Windows come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functionality and add natural light.

d) Doors - Various door types are available, everything from beautiful french doors, halfway pony doors (Dutch) and "Arched" doors.

e) Carvings - Custom carvings are artistic displays that make your cabin unique. They add interesting elements and character and can be personalized for your tastes.

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