Totally Awesome Log Pool Table

Totally Awesome Log Pool Table

"Yellowstone" ~ White Cedar Log Pool Tables are hand-crafted masterpieces specifically designed for log cabins/homes. These tables are created by Generation Rustic Billiards, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S., whose craftsmen have knowledge of antique furniture, proven production methods and superb craftsmanship. They have over 120 years of combined experience. The craftsmen take great pride in creating their breathtakingly beautiful pool tables while utilizing time-honored techniques.White cedar may refer to many different trees, including northern white cedar, eastern white cedar, Atlantic white cypress, and eastern arborvitae. It is an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family. The name arborvitae is often used in the United States and is Latin for tree of life (because of possible medicinal uses of the sap, bark and twigs). This white cedar log pool table would certainly be the life of any party.

Pool tables, just one variant of the billiard table or billiards table, is a table upon which cue-games are played. Modern tables provide a raised flat surface of quarried slate covered with cloth and surrounded by vulcanized rubber cushions. Modern pool tables (also known as pocket billiards tables) have 6 pockets whereas, historically, they had only 4. While a recognizable game of billiards, played outdoors, can be dated to the 1340s, the first indoor table is known as King Louis XIs of France (circa 14611483), though both of these games were played at ground-level. Popular consensus lists the modern game of 8-ball pool being invented shortly after 1900, while straight pool and 9-ball pool were invented in 1910 and 1920 respectively.

Generation Rustic Billiards offers many options for customizing the Yellowstone white cedar log pool table, including inlays on the hand rails and over 20 different color options for the cloth, including burgundy, electric blue, championship green and black. Accessories are also available. You may purchase a hand-crafted matching wood rack, a matching wall or floor cue holder as well as various other types of white cedar furniture. For company contact details and pricing information for this beautiful log pool table, visit the Generation Rustic Billiards website link just below.

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