Top 3 Small Floating Homes

Top 3 Small Floating Homes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live right on the water? Not necessarily in a boat but on a floating tiny home, a place where you could enjoy everything about the water and surrounding scenery from the time you wake up, until the time you go to bed. "Top 3 Small Floating Homes

Floating tiny homes certainly aren't for everyone, especially if you are the type who is prone to getting seasick. These tiny homes might not be boats, but they still feel the movement of the water, especially if there are some high winds going on. You will find floating homes communities all over the world, in places that are located on the water. You should take a look at these top 3 small floating homes to get an idea how unique these small homes really are. The first one you will see is a tiny two storey floating home that sits right out on the water. It looks like this tiny floating home is on a lake surrounded by forest. Imagine waking up in a tiny cabin like this, the perfect spot for getting away from it all and enjoying some nature time. The two storey tiny floating hone makes use of weathered wood, lots of windows with blue trim that complements the weathered wood, lots of flowers all around, a covered outdoor patio and you can see the canoe tied out back of the tiny place as you would have to get supplies every now and again!

The next tiny floating home space looks to be a boat, yes a boat, but it looks like it is sitting on top of a dock. So it's difficult to say if this boat is able to travel in the water it doesn't appear to. A fun idea to live in a floating home that is actually a boat. The white color of the floating home with the red trim looks perfect on the water, with it's outdoor patio where you can sit and enjoy life on the water. The last floating home is located in a beautiful alcove in the province of British Columbia. The tiny floating home is surrounded by scenic views of ocean, mountains and forests, with a large dock that you can enjoy life on the water, and watch the wildlife fly and swim by. The outdoor dock that the tiny floating home sits on, provides docking for all the boats that visit the floating home.

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