Top 10 Most Perfect Rustic Log Cabins

Top 10 Most Perfect Rustic Log Cabins

Log cabins have gained a romantic appeal for themselves. These structures are said to be built to last forever. When looking at some of the very old log cabins still found, one of the reasons they lasted so long is due to many factors. Firstly the use of old growth pine. This slow growing pine is mostly heartwood and is durable and resists insect and fungus infestations.

The pine grown nowadays is grown for construction purposes in mind. They grow quickly, and these fifth-generation trees are primarily comprised of sapwood that is very attractive to fungus and insects.

Back in the day of the rustic cabin care was given prior to felling the logs. The choice pines had branches, and tops cut off years before they were cut for the purpose of building the cabin.

This process is called 'girdling.' What is does is allow the pines natural resins to bleed upwards and out to the severed parts of the tree make the tree more resinous and resistant than had it been cut and dried.

This rot resistant, fully cured pine was named the ore-pine by ancient Europeans.

It is difficult in these days to find old growth pine, and close to impossible to obtain. There are not many loggers that would be willing to girdle and let the trees stand for years before felling them. This would just not be economical in our modern times.

Supply and demands are far greater is times of old and forests have been cut down and replanted with new growth.

For today's modern structures to withstand the elements there are four things that must be done.

1. High-quality construction.

2. Design and landscaping must be done in a way to minimize contact with the logs to moisture.

3. The structure must be protected with quality, water repellent finish, and borate wood preservatives.

4. A scheduled maintenance for the exterior logs must be set up and stuck to.

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